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5 New Jersey Juveniles Accused of Passing Counterfeit Money

Five New Jersey teens are in legal trouble after allegedly passing counterfeit money at their high school cafeteria and at several shops in Paramus and Dumont. According to police, one of the juveniles used an inkjet printer and resume paper to produce the fake money. Investigators say the false $20 bills were then distributed to four other juveniles.

The student who is accused of printing the bills reportedly told police that he had produced about $1,000 in counterfeit currency. Police say an inkjet printer and resume paper were found at the student’s home, along with a fake $20 bill and five false $5 bills that were uncut.

The local police chief said that video surveillance at a doughnut shop was used to identify several of the teens, who are accused of passing counterfeit cash at the shop. Fake money was also found at the school cafeteria and a local convenience store.

Authorities interviewed the teenagers with their parents present. Two of the teens face juvenile complaints of possession of forgery device and uttering forged instrument. All five students are charged with theft by deception.

For a minor accused of a crime, getting caught up in the juvenile justice system can result in long-term negative consequences, but there are legal avenues for protecting the rights and well-being of juveniles. Parents whose kids are in trouble with the law would be wise to speak with a Atlantic City criminal defense attorney with experience in handling juvenile crime cases.

Source:, “5 New Milford High School students charged in counterfeit money scam, police say,” Noah Cohen, May 28, 2014


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