When people are facing drunk driving charges in South Jersey, they often benefit from seeking legal counsel. In many DWI/DUI cases, it is possible to reach the most favorable possible outcome by either having the charges dismissed entirely or reduced, often by negotiating a plea agreement. In some cases, it is even wise to fight the charges in court. The best criminal defense option, of course, depends on the circumstances of the drunk driving arrest, among other things.

Yesterday, drunk driving charges against veteran actor Jeffrey Wright were dismissed after it was revealed that the evidence against the 47-year-old was insufficient.

Wright, who recently appeared in the hit movie “The Hunger Games,” was arrested in New York in April. Police accused him of driving while intoxicated, despite the fact that he blew 0.00 on a breath test at the police precinct.

It is unclear what evidence police did have that pointed to drunk driving, but the case has now been dismissed for a lack of evidence.

Evidentiary issues do exist in many drunk driving cases, and it is often necessary for a defense attorney to bring such issues to the attention to a judge.

In some cases, police might not have had probable cause to make the traffic stop in the first place, and as such it is possible to file motions to have evidence suppressed, among other actions. In other cases, it is even wise to challenge the use of a blood test or the accuracy of a Breathalyzer test.

Each DWI/DUI case is different, however, and as such it is important for defendants to seek personalized legal counsel.

Source:  New York Daily News, “‘Hunger Games’ actor Jeffrey Wright’s drunk driving charges dropped due to lack of evidence,” Shayna Jacobs, June 25, 2013