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Addiction Appears to Have Factored Into Ex-Officer’s Drug Arrest

Drug addiction is another issue that commonly gets people into trouble with law enforcement when they otherwise wouldn’t be. With these issues in mind, consider the case of a former police officer who was arrested recently in Bergen County. The ex-patrolman had actually resigned from the police department only two days before his arrest for alleged possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia.

Police claim that the 28-year-old looked suspicious in a part of town where drug sales are known to occur. Exactly what behavior looked “suspicious” is not described in a local news report, and it remains to be seen in court whether police conducted a legal search and seizure. According to police, a single bag of crack cocaine and a hypodermic syringe were seized.

The former patrolman was also charged with DWI and being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance.

For people charged with drug possession for the first time, it may be possible to have the case diverted from Superior Court, and the defendant may be able to enter a Pretrial Intervention program (PTI), which often involves participation in community service and drug treatment. Once the program is completed, the drug charge could be dismissed after a time.

PTI is only one option for protecting the rights of people accused of a drug offense in New Jersey. To learn more about these matters, please see our drug charge overview.