Juvenile criminal activities place the future of young people in jeopardy, yet teenagers tend to get involved in unlawful activities due to social, economic and psychological factors. Parents should understand that unlawful activities may lead to juvenile charges against their children, causing them great potential harm.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, police recently arrested a 17-year-old on charges of drug and firearm possession, aggravated assault on police officers and resisting arrest. The accused teen has been sent to Egg Harbor City Detention Center.

Reportedly, police officers were patrolling in their vehicle when they saw the accused gripping something suspicious in his waistband. They got out of the vehicle to speak to the teenager, but suddenly a handgun dropped from his pants. Police say that the accused struggled with the officers to get back the gun. After his arrest, police also found marijuana in his possession. No one was injured.

Juvenile criminal charges can have devastating results on a young person’s career. Even if the charges are handled differently than those in an adult crime, the chances of having a juvenile criminal record are great. Unfortunately, a criminal record can negatively affect the young person’s academic life and job prospects.

Even when teenagers have special qualities and skills to make it in life, they sometimes fall in with bad company and acquire bad habits that lead them to commit unlawful acts. The future of these youngsters should be protected by employing a strong defense to ensure that they do not walk away with a criminal record. At the same time, they should be made aware of their legal rights and obligations and counseled to avoid any future involvement in juvenile crime.

Source: The Press of Atlantic City, “Atlantic City Police arrest teen in Back Maryland section,” Joel Landau, Jan. 24, 2013.