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Atlantic County Carjacking Defense Attorney

If you are convicted of carjacking in New Jersey you are looking at a potential prison sentence of up to thirty years, and additionally, will face other grave and serious consequences. This is because carjacking is one of the most serious criminal offenses one can be accused of in New Jersey. Even if you never enter another person’s car you can still be accused of, arrested for, charged with, and ultimately convicted of carjacking.

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Carjacking Attorneys in Atlantic County

Carjacking is a very serious offense in New Jersey are governed by the criminal code and specifically by statute N.J.S.A. 2C:15-2. Under this statute, the state must prove two elements. First, the state must prove that the defendant either committed or attempted to commit an unlawful taking of a motor vehicle; that the defendant did so unlawfully and that it was the purpose of the defendant to deprive another of the vehicle in question. However, proving this element alone is not sufficient to convict a person of carjacking. In addition to proving that the defendant intended to deprive another of their vehicle, the state must also prove that the defendant did so and attempted to or did:

  • Inflict bodily injury or used force;
  • Threaten an occupant and in doing so, put them in fear of immediate bodily injury;
  • Commit or threatened to commit a first or second-degree crime; OR
  • That the defendant operated a vehicle or caused it to be operated, and that a person in possession at the time of the taking remained in the car.

What are the Penalties for Carjacking in Atlantic County?

The potential penalties for carjacking in New Jersey are very serious and if you do not have experienced legal representation on your side you may be facing decades behind bars, thousands of dollars in fines, be excluded from early release programs, and even be denied bail.

Carjacking charges are so severe in New Jersey that even a person who does not have a criminal record will be required to serve five years in jail. This is a mandatory sentence that is included in the statutory language of the New Jersey Criminal Code’s section or carjacking. As a first degree offense, a carjacking charge allows the judge to impose a prison sentence of anywhere between 10 and 30 years. In addition, because carjacking is a first-degree crime and considered a violent crime, the No Early Release Act (NERA) specifically provides that anyone who is convicted of carjacking will not be eligible for release until they have served at least 85 percent of their sentence. Having an experienced attorney on your side can be the difference between spending decades in prison, as 85 percent of a 30-year sentence is 25.5 years.

Additionally, bail for carjacking can be set at anywhere between $100,000 and $250,000 depending on the facts and circumstances of the charge. While New Jersey enacted sweeping bail reform programs on January 1, 2017, because of the nature of a carjacking offense a person who is charged with carjacking may not be able to have their bail reduced, and additionally, they may find that if they do not have an experienced attorney on their side, they may be wholly denied from receiving bail.

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Facing Charges and In Need of an Atlantic County Carjacking Defense Attorney?

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