Residents of Atlantic City, New Jersey, are well aware of the state’s strict drug laws. Police arrest a large number of people on drug-related charges every year, and many of these arrests occur during traffic stops. Anyone accused of drug possession faces serious consequences.

Police arrested an Egg Harbor Township man on drug possession charges. According to the police, they stopped a cab for driving carelessly. When the officers approached the vehicle, they allegedly saw that the passenger in the backseat was attempting to hide two large blocks, which turned out to contain 501 heroin bags. The man tried to flee from the cab, but the officers caught and arrested him at the scene. The accused is facing multiple drug-related charges, as well as resisting arrest and obstructing justice. The man is currently in Atlantic County Justice facility in lieu of a large cash bail.

Drug possession is considered a serious crime in New Jersey. Those so accused face a lengthy incarceration and, possibly, a hefty fine. If the crime is coupled with other criminal charges, such as resisting arrest, it may spell more trouble for the accused.

Apart from imprisonment and fines, a drug possession conviction can cause considerable damage to a person’s reputation, and make it difficult or impossible to secure employment. To avoid such consequences, and to ensure the legal rights of the accused, a diligently crafted criminal defense must be put in place. Strong arguments and convincing evidence can go a long way toward this end.

Source: NBC 40, “Cab driver pulled over, passenger arrested for heroin possession,” Ryan Parmer, Feb. 08, 2013.