A Trenton New Jersey man asked the court to reduce his bail on charged related to alleged sexual assault and kidnapping. The prosecutor argued for an increase in the amount of bail on one of the charges and that the court revoke bail on another charge. The judge decided to maintain the bail on the charges related to the kidnapping at $302,500 and increased the bail on a restraining order violation charge to $25,000.

Law enforcement authorities allege that the man kidnapped and sexually assaulted his ex-wife early last month. There woman had a restraining order in place at the time of the alleged assault. The man asserts that he was intoxicated at the time she claims she was assaulted and does not recall the incident.

According to a story in the Times of Trenton, the police allege that the man was hiding near the ex-wife’s house waiting. When she arrived home at about 1:30 in the morning on May 9th, they say that he forced the woman into his car by her hair and drove away. The charges against the man assert that while he had her in the car he sexually assaulted her. At some point the woman allegedly stabbed the man twice with a screwdriver to allow herself to escape.

Often accusations of sexual assault come not from strangers, but instead family members of the accused. The man and his wife have been married for 14 years and there was apparently a history abuse between the couple.

Source: Times of Trenton “Trenton woman stabs ex-husband with screwdriver to escape kidnapping, sex assault” Lisa Coryell, June 2, 2011