The Boy Scouts have been part of American culture for years. From camping out under the stars, to building fires from scratch, many New Jersey residences involve their children with the organization. Their motto is “Be prepared,” but how many Boy Scouts could prepare for the allegations of one of their mentors?

Child pornography is one of the worst and most punishable types of sex offense one can be charged with. For local troop 201 out of Rumson, their 57-year-old mentor was charged with distribution of child pornography along with 24 men across the nation. If proven guilty, the 57-year-old will likely face some jail time and if innocent, will likely have a much damaged reputation. The mentor has not had the opportunity to present evidence in his offense. So far, the charges are based on the police version of events. In any case, any charge involving child pornography is a very serious offense in the state of New Jersey, especially since the state was the first to implement the Megan Laws.

The Megan’s Law registration is a process which requires guilty sex offenders to make public of their information including, address, date of birth, physical description, and many other personal details. The purpose of these laws is so the public can keep an eye on individuals guilty of sex offences. It is often a very humiliating and can damage a reputation when accused of a sex offence, especially child pornography. Many former sex offenders face difficulties adapting to life with these laws.

If any New Jersey resident is accused with child pornography, or similar sexual offenses, it is important to immediately seek legal protection. These charges can often damage ones reputation in a very negative way which can often result in emotional damages.

Source: Asbury Park Press, “3 Monmouth men facing child porn charges,” Anthony Panissidi, Feb. 28, 2013