Very often raids on people’s houses or cars are brought about by false testimony or evidence which does not support what we call probable cause for a warrant. Hi, my name is John Zarych. I’m the owner and chief attorney at the Law Offices of John Zarych. We have four offices to serve you in Atlantic and Cape May County. We have an Atlantic City address, Northfield, Cape May Court House and we also have a Wildwood, New Jersey, address.

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Types of Drug Charges

Callous people are arrested in Atlantic and Cape May County and Ocean County on drug charges. These drug charges can range from simple possession of marijuana to distribution of marijuana to possession of cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine or more currently pills of various kinds. Any number of drugs can be possessed. Even if they’re legal drugs, they can be possessed in a way that cause police to charge the individual with drug crime.

There are an array of defenses that we can use and have used in drug cases. We’ve had countless situations where we’ve challenged with motions to suppress, the search of individual cars, persons, houses, or places of business where those searches were thrown out and the drugs seized were thrown out because they weren’t properly applied for or because the constitution had been violated. Many drug cases even if they appear strong should be taken to trial. The reason they should be taken to trial is because juries today are very reluctant, very often to convict people of offenses that they feel are not really harming any individual or society.

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Consequently, jurors are reluctant to convict people of these offenses, and cases can be won in many areas where it looks like the state may have a strong case. Any criminal defense attorney should not rule out going to trial and appealing to this sympathy on the part of the jury.

If you’ve been charged with drug crimes in Cape May County or Atlantic County, our defense lawyers can help you explore your options while aggressively defending your rights.  To set up a free, confidential legal consultation, call the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956 today.  Se habla español.