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Cape May Reckless Driving Defense Lawyer

If you are facing reckless driving charges, your defense can be greatly aided by the experience and knowledge of a seasoned reckless driving defense attorney. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your legal option, call the Law Firm of John J. Zarych by dialing (609) 616-4956 or contact us online.

Ticket for Reckless Driving?

Under New Jersey law charges for reckless driving under NJSA 39:4-96 can be imposed when any driver operates a vehicle in a “willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others” in way that endangers or is likely to cause the endangerment of life, injury, or property.

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Motorists who are convicted of a reckless driving offense are subject to harsh penalties that can affect their ability to drive and, potentially, their freedom. Anyone convicted of a reckless driving offense can have 5 points imposed on his or her license. Furthermore, while it is not mandatory, it is within the discretion of a judge to order the convicted offender to serve up to 60 days in county jail. A judge also has the discretion to to impose a license suspension of one to 90 days. A fine can also be ordered.

Because many of the penalties are only imposed at a judge’s discretion, it is important that you put your best foot forward in court. You should be sure to explain any mitigating circumstances to the judge and invoke any possible defenses to the crime. In some instances it may be possible to plead down to a lesser moving violation that does not carry points or that carries fewer points. In some circumstances it may be possible to plead down to obstructing traffic or even unsafe driving. However it is important to note that safe driving does carry a fine of $400 and on the third conviction for unsafe driving within four years, four points will be assessed to the driver’s license.

Can I Lose My License for Reckless Driving in New Jersey?

If a judge believes that your propensity to engage in reckless driving is a danger to the community, he or she can order a license suspension. Furthermore, any driver who accumulates 12 or more points on their license is also subject to a license suspension. Since a reckless driving conviction carries a significant number of points, an individual can quickly reach the suspension threshold. An experienced attorney can inform an individual of the effects a potential guilty plea or conviction will have on your ability to drive and your freedom.

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