A dice game played by four New Jersey men turned into an attempted robbery this month, according to police. Gambling is legal in New Jersey, but it can be difficult to dispute the outcome of a game played outside of a sanctioned gambling establishment. This can lead to disagreements or even altercations when games are finished. Criminal charges of theft and robbery are serious offenses, which may lead to fines and prison.

According to sources, four men were playing dice near Hamilton Avenue. The suspect lost the game and allegedly wanted his money back. The winners started to walk away with the money and then noticed the other man was following them. The suspect had a knife and handgun and allegedly made a threatening remark to the three men.

One of the men picked up a stick from the road and hit the suspect with it. The stunning blow allowed the three men time to stop a passing patrol car. The suspect allegedly cut one of the men during the struggle, but did not steal any money.

Police located the suspect soon after the altercation and placed him under arrest. He has been charged with robbery and weapons offenses. The injured man was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Anyone facing a theft, handgun or weapons charge in New Jersey should consider the various options for putting together a criminal defense. Building a strong defense is essential in order to lower the charges or have them dismissed completely. Alternatively, certain circumstances may also lead to the ability to negotiate a favorable plea bargain, if that is the best option available.

Source: nj.com, “Trenton dice game spurs armed robbery attempt, police say,” Alex Zdan, Nov. 6, 2012