A conviction for a drug crime anywhere from marijuana to heroine can cause disastrous consequences for your life. Hi, my name is John Zarych.

What to Know about Drug Possession and Drug Distribution

I’m a principal attorney in the Law Offices of John Zarych. We have locations throughout Atlantic and Cape May County, and we handle criminal defense cases throughout South Jersey and in the federal courts in New Jersey and in other states. At the Law Offices of John Zarych our attorneys provide a vigorous defense in the area of drug distribution or drug possession.

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Selling, delivering, or even sharing drugs is considered drug distribution in New Jersey. A drug distribution charge can also arise from simply having a quantity of drugs in your possession that law enforcement deems to be for distribution purposes. Unfortunately, many people purchase drugs because they’re addicted to them and often buy quantities sufficient to prevent them from having to go repeatedly to put themselves in dangerous situations to purchase drugs.

If you’ve been charged with drug distribution or possession, we would like to provide you with free information that you can use to make a decision as to what attorney will serve you best in the defense of this case. We recognize that drug addiction is a disease. We and our staff are very skilled at coordinating drug rehabilitation experts with court proceedings. Come in, we will sit with you at no charge, and go over your case. We’ve handled thousands of drug cases. Please don’t hesitate to call us if we can be of assistance to you.

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Our drug crime lawyers are proud to represent clients in New Jersey.  Our vast experience in criminal law helps us in negotiating pleas or fighting charges before judge and jury, depending on what is in our client’s interests. From simple possession, importation or trafficking, to prescription fraud you can count on our criminal defense attorneys to provide an aggressive defense against all types of charges.