Every day of the year, police in Atlantic City and the New Jersey State Patrol are in their cruisers watching out for drivers who may be committing any sort of infraction while driving. One of the things which they keep the keenest eye open for is drivers who appear to be intoxicated.

They look for potential drunk drivers based on the likelihood that they may be weaving within their lane, speeding, following other vehicles too closely, or simply driving erratically. It is not surprising that some of the drivers exhibiting these behaviors are found to be under the influence of alcohol when they are pulled over. But what about drivers who are not exhibiting any of these signs of intoxication?

Generally, if a person is driving normally and seemingly in complete and safe control of their car they would not be pulled over due to suspected drunk driving. But that will not be the case this weekend. In various spots across the state of New Jersey local and state law enforcement agents will be setting up DWI checkpoints and stopping every driver to check for signs of intoxication, even when they are seemingly driving in a completely safe manner.

The Memorial Day weekend checkpoints are part of a larger campaign known as New Jersey’s 101 Days of Summer. This campaign is using public funding to enforce a variety of traffic laws including seat belt laws and DWI statutes. It will focus on weekend travelers who are heading out the the beach or other summer event. The program begins this weekend with Memorial Day and will continue throughout the summer until Labor Day.

Source: South Jersey Media Group, “Gloucester Township police to staff DWI checkpoint during Memorial Day weekend,” Jim Six, May 21, 2012