Consuming alcohol is something most adult New Jersey residents enjoy. Whether it is an ice cold beer after work or a few cosmos at a local bar to forget a recent break-up, many people like the adult elixir. Since it was first invented, alcohol has benefited many taste buds, but has also caused a world of trouble. Around 900,000 American’s each year will be arrested for DWI or DUI. The average DWI can cost offenders more than just money.

Jail time, license suspension, ignition interlock device and reputation damage are all common side effects of getting plagued with a DWI. Anytime a driver is suspected of driving while under the influence, upon a legitimate reason, a police officer may pull an offender over and demand a breathalyzer or sobriety test. If there is no reason why an officer pulled someone over, they cannot convict the individual with DWI, even if he or she was impaired.

A 27-year-old New Jersey man was recently charged with DUI after officers pulled him over for having a headlight burnt out. After officers allegedly smelled alcohol on his breathe, they initiated a sobriety test, but the man was unable to perform, so they took him to headquarters, charging him with DUI.

New Jersey residents have a right to refuse a breathalyzer test, but, often times, this refusal can cost offenders more consequences. Just like any machine, the breathalyzer is subject to error and may be challenged, especially if the blood alcohol level is between .08 and .09.

Most New Jersey residents that are facing a DWI charges have the right to challenge the offense. Understanding your rights and creating a strong defense are the first steps to overcoming DWI charges.

Source:, “Burned-out headlights leads to DWI charges in Hackettstown,” April 1, 2013.