The potential of facing drug charges is enough to frighten anyone. The residents of some neighborhoods in Atlantic City and the surrounding areas have common interactions with law enforcement. But few if any of these interactions are positive. It is not surprising that an individual would try to avoid interactions with the police even if they had not engaged in any criminal conduct.

Those who attempt to elude the police may have a belief that if they are caught no one will care about the truth and instead they will face a justice system in which the cards are stacked against them. This sentiment is understandable, but it does not always hold true. The prosecution in a criminal case may try to use every opportunity to gain an advantage and secure a conviction, but it is possible to fight the criminal charges that have been filed against you.

The fear of criminal prosecution is likely what led one 22-year-old Egg Harbor man to attempt to escape the police recently. As is often the case, his attempted escape was not successful. Police initially tried to stop his car but he refused to stop and instead sped away. A short distance later, the suspect likely realized that he was cornered and surrendered to the police.

The suspect has been charged with possession and intent to distribute marijuana. Law enforcement authorities allege that they, with cooperation of the United States Postal Inspectors, discovered that the man had received a controlled substance in the mail.

Source: Press of Atlantic City “Egg Harbor Township man arrested on drug-distribution charges after chase, police say,” Nov. 18, 2011