A travel agent accused of theft for allegedly stealing the trip deposits made by several clients, has been sentenced to five years of probation and order to repay the money his victims claim he stole. One woman who paid the agent $3,369 for a cruise ticket that she never received was furious at the verdict, claiming she was improperly compensated for the alleged theft.

The agent, who was accused of taking a total of $67,380 from his clients, was ordered by a superior court judge to repay each of the 19 victims the full amounts he owed them at a rate of $400 each month. The agent had initially asked that the payments be reduced to $300, but the judge denied his request, saying he would schedule the payments to ensure that each victim receives as much money as possible each month. According to the agent’s attorney, the man remains gainfully employed.

The woman who attempted to purchase a cruise ticket from the agent said the sentence amounted to a loan. She told a judge that the man should be forced to pay $1,000 each month. She added that she would rather the judge sentence him to jail time than order him to pay back the owed amount at such a slow rate.

The agent pleaded guilty to his charge, one count of theft. He acknowledged keeping the payments his clients made for a cruise. He reportedly apologized to the clients, telling them the funds had been misappropriated and their reservation for the cruise had not been confirmed.

Source: Gloucester County “Fraud victim irate that travel agent from Greenwich Township getting just fine, probation,” Times John Barna