We often talk about drug charges can arise out of traffic stops. While there are certainly times when a traffic stop is simply a pretext for a police officer to manufacture an opportunity to interact with someone and try to find out what they might be up to, in general the fact that drug charges often arise from traffic stops is largely the result of the fact that traffic stops are the most commonplace interaction that many citizens have with police.

But traffic stops are obviously not the only method law enforcement officers use to try to generate drug charges. They may also seek out information from informants, in some cases they may not just seek out information after the fact but also have the informant conduct pre-planned purchases of illegal drugs so that the police can try to catch a suspect in the act.

In one recent New Jersey incident, the police apparently had some reason to believe that an individual was selling heroin out of a local hotel. The news report on the incident does not indicate what may have lead police to become suspicious of this individual in the first place.

But once they had target this individual for further investigation they arranged for an informant to call him and try to purchase drugs. When a meeting was arranged the suspect allegedly picked up the informant in his car and drove for several blocks. After the informant got out of the car he gave to police a bag that he said he had received from the suspect, the bag is alleged to contain nine grams of heroin.

Source: The Daily Item, “New Jersey man charged in local heroin sales,” Francis Scarcella, Feb. 28, 2012