Police arrest a number of people in and around Atlantic City, New Jersey, for stealing property from shops, residential places and motor vehicles. A person found to be in possession of stolen property is likely to face burglary and theft charges, especially when incidents of burglary have been recently reported in the area.

A Cape May county man is facing criminal charges of theft, burglary and possession of stolen property. He was recently arrested by county police in connection with a number of car burglaries. Police reportedly identified and arrested him while he was riding a bicycle.

According to police, the man was found in possession of stolen electronic goods. Among electronic devices in his possession, one device was reportedly owned by a nearby homeowner. According to the homeowner, the device was recently stolen from his car. According to police, another device in the possession of the accused was reported stolen the next day. Police claim that the accused was also found in possession of drugs, and so the man is facing drug charges as well as theft charges. An investigation into the burglaries is still underway, and the authorities are seeking additional information.

Accusations of theft and burglary can have serious long-term consequences. If convicted of a misdemeanor or other larceny charge, the accused may face a long prison sentence in addition to a large fine. However, it is not only conviction, but simply being accused of a crime involving theft charges that can create a lot of hardships for the accused over time. Such charges can widely affect the rights and liberty of the person. Additionally, theft charges and other criminal allegations against an individual can potentially cause damage to his or her reputation and ruin chances of future employment.

Those faced with theft, misdemeanors and other larceny-related charges in Atlantic City, New Jersey, have every right to protect their liberty and dignity. They may find it in their best interests to employ an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional specializing in criminal defense to advocate for them in the event of a criminal trial.

Source: Shorenewstoday.com, “Lower man charged in car burglaries,” Feb. 14, 2013