Drugs have been known to save lives as well as take lives. From hospital use to street use, drugs are abused all too often. One of the most deadly drugs, heroin, has become the addiction of choice for many people. It also has laid the foundation for numerous gangs throughout the state of New Jersey. Recently an Atlantic City gang involved with heroin trafficking has been apprehended by police.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, more than 30 reputed members of this gang are facing a variety of drug crimes. The street gang, known as “Dirty Block,” has allegedly used threats, intimidation and violence to maintain control of several illegal drug operations throughout the Atlantic City area. The combination of federal, state and local authorities gathered a variety of evidence through wire taps, surveillance tapes and confidential informants in order to charge 34 supposed members of the gang with a diversity of drug crimes. The defendants’ ages vary from 19 to 61.

The charges vary with each of the arrested individuals. Each of them was supposedly involved with various crimes including conspiracy to distribute heroin, homicide, selling prescription drugs, using deadly threats to rival gang members, drug manufacturing and a multitude of other crimes. Many members could face serious consequences, including extensive periods of jail time. Depending on how serious the drug crimes were, some individuals may be eligible for a drug diversion program that the state has set up to give less serious offenders a chance to change their lives.

Any New Jersey individual who is facing drug crimes is innocent until proven guilty. Depending on the crime, drug diversion programs may be available for offenders who want to avoid jail time.

Source: Shore News Today, “Raid nets 25 alleged members of “Dirty Block” drug gang,” March 27, 2013