Whenever someone is accused of a crime, that person’s reputation is put on the line. This is especially true of people whose careers put them in the public spotlight, such as those who hold jobs in the media. Once accusations are made, it is not easy to repair the damage to one’s reputation, Even if the charges are dropped and the allegations are found to be false, a person’s career can be negatively impacted.

A former general manager of an Atlantic City area radio broadcasting system is experiencing this firsthand. The New Jersey man was accused of theft and arrested in October of 2010. Nine months later, the charges have been dismissed.

The 34-year-old was accused of making more than $76,000 in personal purchases with his employer’s money. He was also facing a charge of theft by deception for almost $100,000 in radio advertising that was not paid for.

He was potentially facing between five and 10 years in prison if he had been convicted on each second-degree charge. Additionally, these accusations would make it difficult for future employers to trust the man with a management position.

Thankfully, the accused New Jersey man recently received a letter from the Prosecutor’s Office dismissing the charges against him. The letter did not comment on why the charges were dismissed.

This innocent man was cleared of the charges against him and has recovered his freedom. Unfortunately, the damage to his reputation may already be done. The news that the charges against him have been dismissed may help convince many of his innocence, but he may always experience difficulties obtaining a job in the radio industry.

Source: radio-info.com, “Charges against former Atlantic City GM Brett DeNafo are dismissed,” Aug. 12, 2011