A New Jersey doctor has been arrested for using a false identity in order to continue practicing medicine even though he had lost his license years before. The man in question pled guilty to ten charges of criminal sexual contact. It was alleged that he engaged in improper conduct with a number of his female patients. These charges led to the loss of his license to practice medicine. It is alleged that he created a false identity in order to practice medicine again without attracting the attention of the state licensing board.

The doctor was arrested on Tuesday for false impersonation, as well as theft. Law enforcement authorities claim that the suspect created a new identity in order to be able to provide nutritional counseling and other services for fees commensurate with what he would have received as a licensed physician. His patients were under the impression they were receiving services from a licensed medical practitioner.

The suspect is also faces charges of theft from taking the patients’ money without a license. It is estimated that in the year he was using a different identity to practice medicine, the 65-year old doctor earned over $81,000 in through his nutritional counseling practice.

While there are some situations in which negotiating a plea agreement may be the best option, it is important to understand all of the ramifications that may accompany a conviction. This is especially true in sexual misconduct or sexual assault cases. In addition to registration requirements negative impacts on your career and other aspects of life can be serious. It is important to be well informed of these consequences as well as the length of the sentence in order to make a wise appraisal of your options.

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