Many New Jersey residents can related to the daunting feeling that comes with a missing wallet. Most of the time it is simply misplaced, but other times more menacing outcomes occur. Having a wallet stolen is a terrible ordeal for many New Jersey residents. Between canceling credit cards and getting a new driver’s license, theft is a major pain when it happens to someone but an even worse pain for someone accused of committing the act.

A New Jersey man was recently arrested on theft charges after he was allegedly caught by security camera using a stolen credit card. Police said the 33-year-old had stolen a credit card from a company truck and used it at several locations including Best Buy, GameStop and 7-Eleven. After allegedly spending $618 on a stolen credit card, he was apprehended by police and charged with theft and credit card theft.

Having a theft conviction on one’s record can be extremely harmful to a person’s future career. In many cases, employers will not want to hire someone with a criminal theft record. In the state of New Jersey, theft of $500 to $75,000 is considered a crime of the third degree, punishable by up to five years in prison. Since theft is a non-violent crime the majority of the time, it is possible for the conviction to be removed from one’s criminal record. Between Pretrial Intervention Program and community service, theft crimes may be reduced or dropped depending on the circumstances.

Any New Jersey resident who is convicted of a theft crime may face harsh legal penalties. An attorney may provide helpful advice and defense for those in need.

Source: HowellPatch, “Spending Spree Lands Howell Man Theft Charges,” Keith Brown, May 29, 2013