It is not uncommon for shops and business establishments to be broken into, and property to be stolen in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Indeed, police arrest many people every year on charges of burglary for committing such crimes.

For example, Vineland police recently arrested two men in connection with a number of burglaries in the city. They are currently being held in the Cumber County jail, and are facing charges of several counts of burglary, burglary-attempt, theft and criminal mischief. According to police, additional charges and arrests may be added to the charges after further investigation.

One of the accused reportedly was arrested shortly after police responded to a burglary incident. Police found the glass front door of a Laundromat broken out. They arrested the accused, who has been charged with nine other burglaries that took place within the last month.

The second accused was detained less than an hour later. According to police, he was gazing into windows of business establishments and matched the description police had from other burglaries. When the second man was taken into custody police allegedly found a hammer and screwdriver in his possession. The police did not make it clear which specific burglary incidents the duo were involved in.

Criminal charges of burglary can produce very serious results. If the crime is pertaining to a series of burglary incidents, the consequences may be even graver. Long prison sentences and heavy fines may be the outcome of these charges.

The addition of criminal mischief and theft charges may make the punishments even harsher. Accusations for such crimes can potentially cause damage to reputation of the accused, even if they are not found guilty.

Source:, “Two men charged in connection with multiple Vineland burglaries,” Alex Young, Feb. 6, 2013