Police in Atlantic City, New Jersey, charge a number of teenagers every year with committing crimes. Parents of a teenager who is facing a criminal charge should not take the charges lightly. Often, parents think that juvenile charges are not serious in nature. However, they should understand that a police arrest and criminal charges brought against a teen could produce harmful results in the future.

Police have recently charged a Vineland teenager with animal cruelty. The teen reportedly inserted an unidentified object into the vagina of a dog, which got stuck inside. The object was later removed by a veterinarian and the dog was seized by the SPCA.

Police reportedly arrested the teen after receiving information about the incident from the SPCA. The accused teen is facing charges of cruelty to animals. Authorities later released the teen to his mother after registering a juvenile complaint.

Teens are generally unaware of the consequences of their actions. Often, they fail to understand that their conduct may have serious consequences. In most cases, juveniles benefit from the fact that they are young and do not face as harsh a punishment as adults would, unless the crime is very serious.

The parents of a teenager accused of a crime should understand that a juvenile complaint can still have serious repercussions in the future. A juvenile record may have a devastating effect on many aspects of the teenager’s life, including school. Furthermore, it may also make it difficult for them to find a job in the future.

Juvenile crimes are prosecuted differently than crimes against adults. The procedure for hearing a juvenile case is very different. Juvenile charges need to be handled very carefully and diligently so that the negative consequences that they have on the teenager are minimal.

Source: South Jersey Times, “Vineland teen charged with cruelty after sexually assaulting dog,” Alex Young, Feb. 12, 2013.