High school fights are a common occurrence in American schools, and they have been for many years. Students may fight for all sorts of reasons, some major and some minor. Recently, juvenile charges were filed against a student after a fight broke out in the cafeteria of a high school in New Jersey.

According to the school principal, a student ran away from the cafeteria after the fight and took a cab home. The teenager allegedly asked the driver to wait outside his home until he returned. After the teenager returned, the cab driver took him back to school.

According to police, on his way to school, the teenager mentioned to the driver that he planned to shoot the students with whom he had been fighting. The cab driver reported that the student showed him a handgun, at which time he stopped the cab. The cab driver asked the teenager to leave his cab and after he did, the driver informed the police about the incident.

The police started to search for the suspect and notified the school of the incident. Everyone from the school was told to leave the premises. Upon reaching the juvenile’s home, police observed several shotgun shells in plain view. A search was conducted on the premises and a handgun box, 20 bricks of heroin and a sawed-off shotgun were found.

According to officials, each of the heroin bricks contained approximately 50 packets. It was also stated that the drugs may be worth approximately $20,000. Along with drugs, a piece of paper with an address was found. The investigators found the juvenile at this address and arrested him. The handgun was not found. The teenager has been charged with various weapon and drug charges.

Because a conviction for a juvenile crime may have long-term consequences on the child’s future, they must be dealt with carefully. A strong defense in such cases may be helpful to reduce or eliminate penalties. In such cases, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to help prove the juvenile’s innocence or to find fault in the state’s case so that the outcomes will have a less negative effect on the juvenile’s future.

Source: The Trentonian, “Trenton High student threatened to shoot classmates,” Brian Dzenis, Nov. 29, 2012