For most New Jersey citizens the most common reason to have an interaction with a police officer is due to a motor vehicle stop. Going a few miles over the speed limit or rolling through a stop sign can result in some unwelcome face time with you local law enforcement officer. Generally this results in a ticket and a fine or in the best case scenario just a warning to slow down a bit in the future. But other times this traffic stop is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once the officer has made the traffic stop, they take it as an opportunity to consider whether there may happen to be some other criminal activity. The officer will almost surely pay attention for any suggestion that the driver is under the influence of alcohol, but they may also simply try to determine if the person is “acting nervous” that was the reason a police officer gave for a more thorough investigation after pulling a New Jersey woman over. The reason gave for the initial stop was that the officer had observed something hanging from the cars’ rearview mirror.

After this officer apparently detected that the 32-year-old female driver was acting nervous. He asked her to step out of the vehicle so that he could perform a field interview. Once she was out of the car the officer reported noticing something sticking through her shirt, this was apparently the end of a syringe. The officer says that after finding the syringe he asked if she had any other needles or drugs.

It was then that the officer said the driver admitted to having heroine hidden on her person under her clothes. The officer said the driver then removed ten small bags containing heroine from her pants.

It is always interesting to consider what reason the police officers record as the purpose for the initial stop, and the subsequent further investigation. In this case it was reported to be simply something hanging from the rearview mirror and the driver acting nervous.

Source: North, “Woman arrested on drug charges after routine stop,” Debra Winters, Jan. 18, 2012