New Jersey residents are likely aware of the penalties one faces if charged with a drunk driving offense. The charges become all the more severe when an accident is caused by a drunk driver.

A New Jersey woman was recently arrested for crashing into a vehicle and fleeing from the scene of the accident. The woman was allegedly drunk when she hit another moving vehicle, causing injury to the driver. The woman has been arrested on DUI charges along with hit-and-run charges.

According to officials, the 33-year-old Hillsborough woman was apprehended after a search operation was conducted in the area. Officials arrested the woman after they allegedly smelled alcohol on her breath. She was then administered various field sobriety tests by the police.

The injured victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of pain. A court hearing is pending for the case and the woman has been released from custody. She faces charges of driving under the influence of alcohol, driving carelessly and failing to stop and yield. In addition, charges of fleeing from the accident scene and failure to report the accident have been leveled against the woman.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense under New Jersey laws. Penalties may substantially increase if a DUI is coupled with an accident that injures another person. This may lead to criminal charges against the suspect, which means the risk of a prison sentence if convicted. Fleeing the scene of the accident may further aggravate the intensity of the charges.

In order to defend against such serious charges, a suspect has the right to representation by a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced attorney can be helpful in building a strong defense for a suspect. Correct professional guidance may go a long way in either absolving the charges completely or substantially reducing the severity of the punishment.

Source: Hillsborough Patch, “Drunk Hillsborough Woman Flees Madison Crash, Cops Say,” Jake Remaly, Dec. 27, 2012