A new study by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that men are more likely that woman to engage in drunk driving. Based on the statistics reviewed by the CDC, this was difference was not a situation where it was barely statistically significant. They found that men were actually four times as likely to drive when they were impaired than female drivers.

According to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, the numbers in New Jersey seem to hold true to the CDC study. A spokesman for the division says that about 80 percent of all drunk driving fatalities in New Jersey are “male-related.”

The fact that men are apparently more likely to drive while intoxicated does not seem surprising by itself. In general men log more miles behind the wheel than women, though the CDC says this alone does not account for all of the difference.

It could be that if you have a situation where both a man and a woman have had the same amount to drink, the man may be the more sober of the two because men, on average, have more body mass. While the man may be the less impaired of the two, he could still be over the legal blood alcohol content limit.

No matter whether it is body size, traditional gender roles, or some other factor that accounts for this difference, the state of New Jersey is targeting young male drivers in an attempt to reduce the amount of driving while intoxicated. A public awareness campaign will be aimed at young men to convey the message that law enforcement authorities are on the look-out for drivers who appear to be over the limit.

Source: Star Ledger “Men more likely than women to drink and drive,” Nov. 3, 2011