If you drive to work, drive your kids to school or have to operate a vehicle just to get around town, then you can probably imagine how a license suspension for drunk driving could have a major impact on your life. Unable to drive, many people lose their jobs because of DUI convictions, as well as face other dilemmas such as finding alternate modes of transportation.

Facing these pressures, some people may be tempted to take illegal measures to keep driving. According to authorities in New Jersey, more than 100 individuals have been charged with using false information to obtain new driver’s licenses. Many of the accused have previous drunk driving convictions.

A statewide investigation called “Operation Facial Scrub” has reportedly led to a total 107 cases involving charges of obtaining a New Jersey driver’s license through illegal means. So far this year, 69 new cases have been opened.

The charges include forgery, tampering with public records and using another person’s identification.

Of the 38 people arrested prior to this year, seven have reportedly been convicted. Authorities say that some of the people facing charges were bus and truck drivers who saw their driver’s licenses suspended because of DUI offenses and other traffic violations.

Clearly, being found guilty of DUI can have negative repercussions for months and years after the conviction. However, no one should be found guilty if the prosecution doesn’t have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. To minimize the impact of a charge, individuals accused of drunk driving should begin mounting their defense as soon as possible.

Source: NJ.com, “South Jersey men accused of using IDs of disabled, dead relatives to get driver’s licenses,” Jessica Beym, Feb. 21, 2014