In many heist movies and television shows, the gang of burglars drives exotic getaway cars as part of high stakes theft schemes. In reality, the scenario is more often one in which a very normal looking person attempts to keep their profile as low as possible, snatching a smart phone out of a purse or removing power tools from a garage when the owner is away.

But sometimes the flashy stereotype holds true. According to a retired FBI agent, during the 1990s a group known as the “James Bond Gang” pulled off high ticket robberies from wealthy individuals in New Jersey and sped away in spectacular sports cars. One of the cars was reported to have a flip-down license plate that revealed halogen lights designed to blind pursuing patrol cars. Now a 26-year-old man is accused of a robbery that was allegedly meant serve as his initiation to the reincarnation of this group.

The original “James Bond Gang,” a moniker given to it by law enforcement officials, was broken up in 1995 after an interagency task force arrested most of the alleged members. The separate law enforcement agencies were having little success in chasing down the suspects and instead decided to work the case from the other end. Identifying the suspected individuals to whom the gang would sell the jewelry and other items it had stolen. From there they worked backwards to secure the arrests.

The recently arrested 26-year-old man has been charged with burglary after allegedly leading authorities on a high speed chase in New Jersey. Police have allege that this suspect is connected to the original gang due to the circumstances of the alleged theft and the suspicion that one of his supposed accomplices was affiliated with the group.

Source: The Wall Street Journal “A New ‘James Bond Gang’ Lives On” Sean Gardnier, Nov. 14, 2011