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Ocean County to Place ‘Narcotics Experts’ at DWI Checkpoints

This summer, however, in response to New Jersey’s ongoing heroin and prescription drug problems, authorities in Ocean County also plan to station narcotics experts at DWI checkpoints. The county prosecutor announced that each checkpoint will have two experts to evaluate drivers who are suspected of driving drunk or driving while under the influence of drugs.

Exactly how drivers will be evaluated for possible drug use wasn’t disclosed in the prosecutor’s announcement, though field sobriety tests will undoubtedly be a part of the checkpoints. These tests may include requests such as having you say the alphabet in reverse or having you place your index finger on your nose. However, not all types of field sobriety tests are reliable in terms of evidence.

Standardized tests include the following: one-legged stand, horizontal gaze nystagmus and walk and turn. You can learn more about the accuracy of these tests here. If you have been arrested after participating in a non-standardized field sobriety test, then the legitimacy of the results can be challenged.

Interpreting field sobriety tests can be very subjective, even for police officers who have been named as experts. A DWI defense attorney can examine the results of a field sobriety test and have any faulty evidence suppressed.

Source: The SandPaper, “Narcotics Recognition Experts Added to Ocean County DWI Patrols,” May 29, 2014