Last month, we wrote that a well-known New Jersey restaurateur had been charged with drug crimes after authorities completed a six-month investigation. Now authorities have raided another family-owned restaurant in a separate drug bust.

Police raided a pizzeria in Lawrence last week, according to The Times of Trenton. One of the restaurant’s proprietors and his wife and brother were arrested during the search and seizure efforts, and they are now facing multiple drug and weapons charges.

The Mercer County Special Investigations Unit decided to raid the local business after receiving multiple reports of potential drug sales at the site, according to the news report.

Police say that they found powder cocaine that was packaged for distribution, a handgun and just under $1,000 in cash when they searched the restaurant. They also seized several vehicles during the bust and searched two homes, where they report that more cash, weapons and drugs were seized.

In total, about $3,000 worth of cocaine was discovered, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The two brothers have been charged with the possession of cocaine and the intent to distribute cocaine, among other offenses. The proprietor’s wife is facing drug possession charges.

These are very serious criminal charges that could result in harsh prison sentences, but any New Jersey resident who is facing drug charges is innocent until proven guilty. In many cases, even when the evidence seems heavily weighted against a defendant, a favorable resolution is possible. Defendants of drug charges have the right to seek legal counsel in order to learn about their options.

Source: The Times of Trenton, “Drugs and guns found during raid of family-owned pizzeria in Lawrence, police say,” Alyssa Mease, Sept. 13, 2013