Earlier this month, law enforcement authorities arrested a 34-year-old man from Egg Harbor Township for raping a woman at gunpoint on Aug. 2 in Camden County. The same man has since been charged with four other alleged sexual assaults dating back to April 2011, is suspected in at least three other cases, and remains in custody on $1 million bail.

Referring to the alleged crimes of Aug. 2, Atlantic County Assistant Prosecutor John Frammer said officers saw the alleged victim running from a vehicle. Frammer said the suspect fled but was apprehended and placed under arrest for the sexual assault a short time later. Meanwhile, a police search of the vehicle supposedly produced a toy gun and napkins that may contain additional evidence. Frammer added that DNA evidence (of what type, we don’t know) was collected in at least one of alleged prior incidents.

In any event, the man is now facing multiple counts of aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault and impersonating a police officer, as well as kidnapping, criminal restraint and weapons charges.

When facing a seemingly impossible set of circumstances like this, the temptation for many defendants is to give up and simply hope that the prosecutor or judge will cut them a break for not fighting the charges. Unfortunately, that’s almost always a mistake. In this case, the accused man obtained legal counsel and has steadfastly maintained his innocence from the beginning. According to his defense lawyer, he believes the A.C.P.D. is “attempting to clear its unsolved sexual assaults by charging him.”

Source: Press of Atlantic City, “Egg Harbor Township man accused of five sexual assaults remains jailed on $1 million bail,” Lynda Cohen, Aug. 17, 2012