Two women are asking that a judge order a New Jersey police department to release patrol car dash-cam video that allegedly shows officers assaulting them. The alleged assaults occurred at one of the police department’s DWI checkpoints.

The two Clifton residents were riding in a car that was stopped at DWI checkpoint on Route 46. They were given sobriety tests by police working at the site.

One of the women produced her Blackberry and began recording the events before being told to stop the recording by a Ridgefield Police captain at the checkpoint. When she refused, the officer reached into the car and tried to forcibly remove the phone from her. She was able to thwart the officer’s attempt and tossed the phone to her friend sitting in the back seat of the car.

The police captain became angry, dragging the woman from the car and forced her onto the ground before placing handcuffs on her wrists. Officers also arrested the other woman riding in the car and both were taken to a holding cell at the police station. They were charged with obstruction and resisting arrest.

The women say that police entered the cell where they were being detained to tighten their handcuffs. After being released, the women went to a hospital emergency room for treatment.

The driver of the car in which the women were passengers had a blood alcohol level of 0.15 percent. The legal limit is set at 0.08 percent. Police arrested him for DWI.

An attorney for the women requested a video from the police dash-cam showing the incident. A police official said that there was no video of the DWI checkpoint incident. He added that there were video recordings of the police lobby, holding cells and areas where officers congregate.

Source: North “Women seek recordings they say show cops assaulting them,” KIBRET MARKOS, Sept. 15, 2011