News of theft and burglary are not uncommon in New Jersey. In a recent case, three men were arrested by the local police on charges of burglary. The men were accused of stealing a safe and other valuables from a house.

According to sources, police were informed of the incident while the burglary was going on. Some witnesses saw the three suspects carrying a small safe out of a house. According to the information received by the police, the suspects fled the scene in a green vehicle.

A vehicle matching a witnesses’ description was spotted by police personnel some distance from the crime scene. Police held the occupants in custody for some time; however, it was later found that those people were not involved in the incident. The three suspects were taken into police custody after further investigation.

According to police reports, the three men range in age from 18 to 21. Two suspects are brothers. One brother and the third suspect are facing charges of conspiracy to commit burglary. The other brother has been arrested on the same charge, along with the charge of loitering to commit a drug offense.

Burglary is considered a crime of second or third degree under New Jersey law. Anyone charged with the offense of burglary may face severe penalties. This may have an adverse impact on the life of the suspect. Even after the completion of the jail term, the person may face difficulty in finding employment. It is therefore very important that anyone facing a burglary charge strongly defend the charges.

A burglary suspect may try to seek enrollment in a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) in order to avoid a jail term. A legal professional can advise the suspect about the methods to avoid conviction and undertake PTI. Successful completion of the program may result in dismissal of criminal charges against the suspect. The advice of a professional may also be helpful in ensuring that a criminal record is not attached to the name of the suspect.

Source: Gloucester Township Patch, “Hilltop Brothers, PA Man Charged in Glendora Burglary,” Sean McCullen, Dec. 14, 2012