Two Salem men and one juvenile were picked up by local police and charged with the assault and robbery of a 48-year-old New Jersey man. Police say that one suspect, a fugitive, was present at both robberies in March.

In the first incident, reports say that two men entered the man’s residence, threatening the victim with a gun and destroying the home’s contents. The two are accused of assaulting the homeowner, then forcing him to walk with them to a nearby ATM to make a cash withdrawal. The pair fled after taking the money. The victim reported the robbery to police.

Within two days, the victim’s home was entered again, this time in the middle of the night. Again, a gun was used to intimidate the man. More physical punishment was administered and, for a second time, the victim was led to an ATM where he was forced to hand over cash. This time, the robbers took the man to a nearby cemetery for a final beating before the two fled.

A month-long investigation led police to the arrest of a 15-year-old juvenile and two men, ages 18 and 20. Bail was initially set at $300,000 for each suspect and later increased to reflect the 20-year-old’s fugitive status and the 18-year-old’s alleged participation in both robberies. The fugitive’s bail was reset to $550,000. The bail for the man accused in both incidents was raised to $700,000.

The extensive charges include weapons possession and unlawful use, kidnapping, aggravated assault, armed robbery and theft, conspiracy and kidnapping. The 18-year-old Salem man was charged separately for taking part in both robberies.

Source: NJ.Com “Salem man robbed twice in 2 days” Michael Williams, May 7, 2011