Police arrested a couple recently when they allegedly attempted to pick up a shipment of marijuana which had traveled from California to a warehouse in New Jersey. The drug charges filed against the 23-year-old man and 21-year-old woman stated that the drugs seized were worth approximately $250,000.

According to law enforcement officials the seized drugs weighed over 25 pounds. The two suspects arrested were charged with possession with intent to distribute, as well as conspiracy to distribute the drugs. The arrests came after an undercover investigation was carried out by federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, including the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), New Jersey State Police, Morris County Sheriff’s Office, Montville Township Police Department, and the Intelligence Crime Task Force of the local prosecutor’s office.

Investigators claimed that the marijuana was shipped to the warehouse packaged in a relocation cube used for families moving to a new location. They had received information leading them to believe the marijuana had been sent from Santa Rosa, California by a business which operates across state lines.

Officers staked out the warehouse when they received information that someone would attempt to pick up the shipment. They claim to have observed the couple approach the relocation cube. An officer posing as an official of the warehouse company reportedly helped the couple unload the drugs from the container at the warehouse before the arrest was made.

The arrestees are being held in custody in the Morris County jail because of their inability to post 10 percent of the $175,000 bail set for them. Law enforcement agencies indicated that their investigation into the origin and intended destination of the drugs was ongoing.

Source: The Citizen, “Pair busted picking up $250,000 in marijuana shipped to Montville warehouse,” April 9, 2012