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Vineland Reckless Driving Defense Attorney

No one likes to see the familiar red and blue lights behind their car, drivers know that New Jersey police can be tough.  Many drivers are also aware that a ticket can cost them hundreds of dollars and headaches. One of the most common tickets that New Jersey police officers issue is for reckless driving. People often falsely assume that because this is a common ticket, that they do not really need to be concerned about the consequences. However, a reckless driving charge is a very serious matter and one that you should not take lightly. If you have received a ticket while driving in Vineland you may find yourself facing hefty fines, insurance surcharges, and even jail.

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Reckless Driving in New Jersey

Drivers all across the state should be careful when they are on the road. New Jersey police officers have taken an aggressive stance against unsafe drivers and have been aggressively writing tickets over the last several years. One of the more common tickets that police officers issue, but one that carries severe consequences is a ticket for reckless driving. The charge for reckless driving can be found at N.J.S.A. § 39:4-96 which provides “driving a vehicle heedlessly, in willful or wanton disregard for the rights or safety of others, in a manner so as to endanger, or be likely to endanger a person or property.”  While it is not explicitly provided in the statute there are several notable examples of what may constitute reckless driving, including:

Exceeding the speed limit – Drivers know that if they exceed the posted speed limit that they can receive a ticket for speeding. However, in some instances exceeding the posted speed limit may even amount to reckless driving. This is particularly true when a driver is driving at excessive speeds.

Driving too fast for the road conditions – When the weather is poor, a driver may be charged with reckless driving for speeding even if they were not exceeding the posted speed limit. A police officer may issue a driver a ticket for reckless driving because they felt that the driver was not being careful considering the road conditions.

Other examples of driving behavior that can lead to a reckless driving ticket include weaving between lanes, improperly operating a vehicle, failing to use turn signals, failing to come to a complete stop at a traffic sign or light and following another vehicle too closely.

Many times a driver will receive a reckless driving ticket merely because the police officer felt that they were driving in an unsafe manner. This is often the problem in reckless driving cases, there is too much discretion on the police officer’s end. An officer may claim that you were driving too fast for the conditions on the road, even if you were not exceeding the speed limit. While this may seem like an unfair standard, drivers who work with a skilled attorney soon find that the court agrees. If the police officer cannot prove that you were driving recklessly, such as providing a report from a speed radar gun, then the state can easily lose their case, and you can walk away with a reckless driving conviction.

What are the Penalties for Reckless Driving In New Jersey?

If you are convicted of reckless driving while driving in Vineland, you may find yourself facing some harsh and severe penalties.  The municipal judge who will hear your case has substantial authority to impose not only monetary fines for a reckless driving charge but also jail time.

The penalties for Reckless Driving in NJ are as follows:

  • Jail of up to 2 Months
  • Fines of 50-$200.
  • 5 Points on your Driving Record

If a driver is charged and convicted a second time of reckless driving, then they can face even more harsh penalties.  A driver can expect to pay an additional $300 for a second conviction as a judge can impose up to $500 for a second reckless driving charge. Even more daunting, is a driver who is facing their second reckless driving charge can be punished with up to 3 months in jail. Regardless of whether you are facing a first-time or second-time reckless driving charge, if you are convicted you will receive 5 points on your driver’s license.

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While these fines and penalties may be enough to encourage you to seek an attorney, if they haven’t it is also important to note that reckless driving tickets often come with other tickets at the same time. One of the most common tickets that are issued at the same time as a reckless driving ticket, is a careless driving ticket. Similar to the fines that the court can impose on a person convicted of reckless driving, a careless driving ticket can cost a driver anywhere between $78 and $200. In addition, a careless driving conviction will add two points to your New Jersey Driver’s license.

If You’re Facing Serious Consequences For Reckless Driving, Contact a New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

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