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Weapons Charge Arrest

If you’ve been arrested in New Jersey for possessing any type of firearm under any circumstances which are illegal, you’re facing 10 years in prison. There’s also a law called the Graves Act which makes it mandatory that you serve, at least, three years in prison with no parole. In order to find you guilty, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly possessed a weapon and that it was done so under unlawful circumstances.

Many gun prosecutions in New Jersey start out quite innocently. Individuals from other states have permits to carry or don’t need permits to carry in their states. They come on vacation, they believe it’s legal for them to come into New Jersey because of their permit to carry. They even surrender their weapon to hotel security and are promptly arrested by the police department. In other cases, weapons are found in automobiles, in luggage, in someone’s room, and these weapons are turned over to the police who promptly file charges against the individual. In cases where an individual knowingly and voluntarily confesses to the state or the federal government that they did, in fact, knowingly possess a weapon, there are other alternatives available.

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