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Welcome to the Law Offices of John J. Zarych. We practice criminal defense in state and federal courts throughout New Jersey. Perhaps you have come to this site because you or a loved one has been arrested or is under investigation by the state or federal government. Fear and confusion are appropriate emotional responses to such a situation. Please know that we are ready to stand with you. If you have been arrested, today may be one of the worst days of your life. Our combined experience of over 45 years of lawyering has prepared our attorneys to manage your legal crisis. Our team is trained and poised to meet that crisis head-on and to take immediate action. It is our privilege to guide you through this process, to defend your freedoms and to protect your liberty. Clients often say to us things such as,

“This is all new to me.”

“My family has never been through this process before.”

“I don’t know how serious this is and I have so many questions.”

This is a common response when one learns he or she is facing charges. Rest assured that nothing about the criminal justice process is “new” to us. There are no stupid questions. In fact, guiding people through the legal system is what we do every day. You may ask as many questions as you like. The role of an attorney is to give you the information that you need to make important decisions about your case. Your attorney will recommend a course of action, but ultimately you have the right to make the most crucial decisions in your case such as whether to demand a trial. But when we are talking about your case, aren’t we really talking about your life? Yes, and you want your legal matter to be handled in such a way that it has a minimal negative impact on your life. We understand that questions about your life are important and deserve time and attention. You will receive that from our firm.

Prompt & Strategic Action With Criminal Charges or Investigations

A criminal charge presents an immediate and very serious problem that requires prompt attention. In addition, criminal cases are often won or lost based on what an attorney does in the first few days. In many times the first few days after the arrest makes-up a critical period. Criminal defense lawyers who slow down the process while simultaneously seek potentially essential evidence before it can be lost or destroyed often make the difference for their clients.

For instance, if you were accused of assault in a busy commercial district, we may take a number of steps to find out what really occurred that day. While we would certainly seek out witnesses, we may also talk to nearby store owners and landlords to determine if surveillance footage of the events was captured. However, since most surveillance systems have only limited storage capacity, a failure to take swift action may mean that the materials are irretrievably lost. Without this and other evidence, you may have significantly more difficulty rebutting charges against you or find yourself less able to negotiable a favorable plea deal.

That is why we are here to take prompt and strategic action on your behalf while compassionately guiding you through the confusion and stress. We understand that an arrest is a harrowing and difficult experience. While you may not want to think about or dwell on your arrest and charges, it can be essential that you hire a lawyer who will consider these potential means to reduce or eliminate the charges against you.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Handle an Array of Criminal Charges

The lawyers of the Law Offices of John J. Zarych are available to address a number of your criminal defense concerns. We are proud to represent individuals charged with serious crimes, known as indictable offenses or misdemeanors, in New Jersey Superior Court. We are also proud to represent individuals charged with lesser offenses in the relevant municipal court. Some of the criminal charges we can defend against include:

The above represents only a selection of the charges we can defend against. Our experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorneys can fight to protect you against an array of other charges that were erroneously filed due to a mistaken identity, unreliable eyewitnesses, or other reasons. Quite simply, filing charges against innocent or potentially innocent individuals does not take much. We fight to protect innocent individuals from the harsh penalties authorized by New Jersey criminal law.

The Consequences of Criminal Charges in New Jersey

When you face serious criminal charges in New Jersey you not only face formal consequences and penalties, but also the informal consequences associated with a criminal conviction. To start, indictable offenses that are similar to felonies in other states and disorderly persons offenses are similar to misdemeanors in other states. Conviction of either an indictable offense or a disorderly persons offense typically carry a state prison sentence. Additionally, financial penalties often apply. In some cases, conviction of a drug offense can make an individual ineligible for certain types of federal and student aid.

Aside from the formal consequences of a criminal charge and conviction, informal consequences can also apply. Criminal convictions carry a certain stigma and certain crimes, like sex charges, may carry an even greater stigma. This social stigma can narrow social circles and connections. Furthermore, certain jobs may require the disclosure of these convictions that may disqualify or reduce your likelihood of securing the position. In all, a criminal conviction carries heavy consequences that can change the course of one’s life.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation in South Jersey

The lawyers of the Law Firm of John J. Zarych are experienced practitioners with years of practice experience. Firm founder John J. Zarych has more than 40 years of experience practicing as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Zarych has tried hundreds of cases and can put that experience to work for you. Mr. Zarych has received a perfect 10/10 rating on AVVO and is recognized for his lawyering abilities by his peers.

Attorney Stephanie Zarych has been practicing criminal defense law for more than 10 years in New Jersey and is a tireless champion of fighting for those who have been wrongfully accused of a crime they did not commit. Attorney Brendan Shur has long roots in the community formerly serving as a reporter for the Press of Atlantic City and the Ocean County Observer police and courts beat. Mr. Shur can utilize this reporting experience to craft a powerful and compelling narrative for his clients.

What Should You Expect from Our Criminal Defense Representation?

We will not settle for simply good client service; we aim to provide outstanding service. We always have staff available on call, including weekends and holidays. We will engage in all good-faith pretrial negotiations to improve the likelihood that our client will receive a favorable resolution in his or her criminal matter.

However, in all cases we take on, we are prepared to try the criminal charges in New Jersey Superior Court or in the relevant municipal court. We will provide advice and guidance, but the decision to go to trial in a matter is a personal one and rests solely with the defendant. While we will always fight aggressively and strategically for you, we will never pressure you to take a plea or other deal that you are unhappy with or when you feel that it is not in your best interest to take the offer.

We are willing and prepared in every matter to fight for our clients in all pretrial motions and in a court of law before a jury of your peers to achieve a “not guilty” verdict. All of our attorneys are active in the South Jersey communities we serve. We have made numerous television and radio appearances on criminal defense topics, and we are actively involved in local and national bar association activities, rehabilitation organizations and local school and community service endeavors. We are privileged to guide our clients and their families through what is usually the most dangerous undertaking of their lives: defending themselves in a criminal case.

Free Initial Consultations

We offer free and confidential initial consultations. If you are seeking aggressive and strategic criminal defense representation, call us at 800-508-9786.

Client Testimonial

We were completely blindsided by an accusation against our son, who is a high school senior. Needless to say we were completely upset and confused as to what to do.  Not handled correctly, this could have been detrimental to our son for the rest of his life.  By the grace of God we came upon John Zarych’s Law Office.  Your instruction, advice, guidance, and support were invaluable to us in addressing this horrific and heartbreaking situation.  Your professionalism and attention, as well as overall handling of the matter resulted in a dismissal of the accusation.  We are most appreciative of not only your expertise as an attorney, but your devotion and concern for our son’s best interest.

We would recommend The Law Offices of John Zarych to anyone looking for an outstanding attorney.

Grateful Father of a High School Senior and Client