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    A criminal accusation can have serious impacts on your life. Even minor offenses can be accompanied by expensive court costs and fines. Meanwhile, convictions for more serious charges can result in prison time.

    Furthermore, those who are charged with crimes may endure constraints on their ability to travel, follow their own schedules, and generally do what they please. Your freedom may literally be at stake if you are accused of a crime.

    If you are facing criminal charges in Vineland, NJ, you can call the Law Offices of John J. Zarych for support and guidance. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can review your case and identify the appropriate course of action. Call us today at (609) 616-4956.

    What to Expect After Being Arrested in Vineland, NJ

    If you have been arrested in Vineland, NJ, it can be difficult to determine what you should expect without first consulting with our criminal defense lawyers. Each case is unique and there are several factors that can influence the process for mounting your defense. Still, there is a general path that most cases will follow:

    Charge & Arrest

    Most criminal cases begin with the investigation, charge, and arrest of defendants. In some cases, the process may begin when the defendant is indicted by a grand jury.

    If you were not charged with a crime yet have still been asked to speak with law enforcement or have other indications you are being investigated, you should get in touch with our criminal defense lawyers right away. This is a critical time period in your case. You should not wait until being charged to call our law firm. Further, you should not speak with the police until you have sought counsel from our attorneys.

    Initial Appearance

    After you have been charged with a crime, you will be afforded an initial opportunity to appear before a judge and enter your plea of innocent or guilty. You should seek guidance from our criminal defense lawyers before making an initial appearance in your case.


    If a judge has concerns that you are a flight risk or that you may pose a danger to others, then they will likely set forth a sum of money that must be pledged as security for your potential release. This sum of money is referred to as “bail.”

    There are several different factors that may a play a role in determining the amount for bail in a particular case. For instance, those who have been charged with more severe crimes may face larger bail amounts. Also, someone who has a record of failing to appear in court may have to pay a higher bail.

    Pre-Trial Conference

    Furthermore, criminal defendants in Vineland, NJ also have to attend pre-trial conferences. Pre-trial conferences are intended to help defendants comprehend the potential convictions and sentences they are facing if found guilty at trial. Additionally, at pre-trial conferences, it is established that the accused are deciding to reject any plea offers.

    Support from our experienced criminal defense attorneys can be valuable during your pre-trial conference. Our legal team can help resolve and evidentiary and discovery issues we find in your case. Also, during this conference, our lawyers can help schedule appearances for expert witnesses and dates for pre-trial motions.


    Finally, if plea agreements are not reached, criminal cases will go to trial. Criminal defendants do not have to testify during their trials. Rather, the burden is always on the prosecution to prove that defendants are guilty.

    The trial process can vary from case to case. Generally, our criminal defense attorneys will make opening statements, cross examine the prosecution’s witnesses, summon witnesses for the defense, and present closing arguments.

    Criminal Penalties in Vineland, NJ

    In other states, most crimes are described as either “felonies” or “misdemeanors.” However, in Vineland, the two types of crimes you can be charged with are referred to as “indictable crimes” and “disorderly persons offenses.” The penalties for disorderly persons offenses are usually less severe than those imposed for indictable crimes.

    Those who are charged with disorderly persons offenses can face prison time of up to 6 months. However, some lesser offenses, also called petty disorderly offenses, are punishable by a maximum of 30 days of prison time. If you have been charged with such an offense, our criminal defense attorneys may be able to negotiate a penalty that does not involve any jail time whatsoever.

    Charges for indictable crimes are more severe and can carry more serious criminal penalties along with them. Generally, indictable crimes are broken down into 4 degrees of severity:

    • 4th degree crimes, punished with prison terms up to 18 months
    • 3rd degree crimes, punished with prison terms between 3 and 5 years
    • 2nd degree crimes, punished with prison terms between 5 and 10 years
    • 1st degree crimes, punished with prison terms between 10 and 20 years

    No matter the type of offense you are facing, you can reach out our experienced criminal defense lawyers for aid.

    Examples of Cases Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Handle in Vineland, NJ

    Our lawyers can offer support to criminal defendants in many different types of cases. For example, our team can help defend those who have been charged with any of the following:

    • Resisting arrest
    • Weapons crimes
    • DWI
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Drug crimes
    • Assault
    • Traffic violations
    • Casino crimes
    • Internet crimes
    • Juvenile offenses
    • White collar crimes
    • Domestic violence

    Criminal Defendants in Vineland, NJ Can Call Our Law Firm for Support

    If you are facing criminal charges, speak with our experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of John J. Zarych by dialing (609) 616-4956. Our team can provide a free case assessment.

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