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    The criminal justice system is not something that should be taken lightly. If you have been accused of a crime, the accusation can have huge impacts on your life. Even minor crimes can be accompanied by penalties that can significantly restrict your freedoms.

    Fortunately, our attorneys can help guide criminal defendants through the legal system. Our experienced legal team will fight to protect the rights and liberties of the accused.

    Reach out to our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of John J. Zarych today by calling (609) 616-4956.

    Why Hire Our Lawyers for Your Criminal Defense Case in Cumberland County, NJ?

    Technically, you may represent yourself in a Cumberland County criminal case. However, defending yourself against a criminal accusation can be very difficult without help from our lawyers. If you choose to represent yourself, you will be held to the same standards as attorneys who have spent years studying case law, analyzing legal rules, and practicing courtroom etiquette. You must understand how to talk to a judge, communicate with opposing counsel, receive discovery, write motions, and file various documents. All the pressure will be on you.

    By hiring our criminal defense lawyers, you will receive crucial support and guidance navigating the legal process. During your free case assessment, our team can explain the proper course of action in your case. Afterwards, our attorneys will help analyze evidence, build your defense, and negotiate with other parties.

    Get a Lawyer Before Talking with Police in Cumberland County

    If you were arrested for a crime in Cumberland County, then you will likely be transported to a nearby police station where you will be detained and potentially questioned. While being questioned by the police can be an intimidating process, you should not lose your composure. You may feel like you are obligated to answer all of their questions and adhere to their requests even though you do not have to.

    Accordingly, you should call our criminal defense lawyers as quickly as possible after being arrested in Cumberland County, NJ. You do not have to say anything to the police without your lawyer present. After arriving to assist, our attorneys can help protect your interests and explain the appropriate steps to take. Our experienced legal team can also prevent you from offering self-incriminating information while being detained.

    Charges Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Fight in Cumberland County, NJ

    Our criminal defense lawyers can help defendants fight charges for many different crimes. The following are examples of charges our attorneys can defend against in Cumberland County:

    Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)

    Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a common charge filed against defendants in Cumberland County. Those who charged with such a crime may face criminal penalties such as fines and license suspensions. Certain offenders may even face jail time.

    Even when you think you are sober, an officer’s breathalyzer test may determine otherwise. There are also separate offenses that can be filed against those who refuse breathalyzer tests.

    Disorderly Conduct

    Disorderly conduct is another charge frequently filed against defendants in Cumberland County. Generally, this offense is applied to cases where defendants are accused of engaging in activities that disturb the peace. Such behavior may include actions that are considered offensive, boisterous, louse, or dangerous. For example, someone who inappropriately sets off fireworks inside of a hotel may be charged with disorderly conduct.

    In most cases, disorderly conduct charges will constitute disorderly persons offenses. These charges are slightly less serious than charges for indictable crimes. However, an accusation of disorderly conduct can still seriously disrupt your life.

    Drug Crimes

    Also, our lawyers can offer help to defendants in drug crimes cases. There are many different types of drug crimes that people can be accused of. For example, you can be charged with simple possession for having drugs on your person. You can also be charged with drug crimes like manufacturing, distributing, and smuggling.

    The criminal penalties you face for a drug crime can vary depending on several circumstances surrounding your actions.

    Resisting Arrest

    Resisting arrest is another criminal charge that our legal team can help defend against. This accusation is typically made against people who fail to comply with police officers’ direction or requests during arrests. For example, someone may be charged with resisting arrest if they tried to pull away from an officer while the officer attempted to apply handcuffs. Officers count many actions as resisting arrest, even when the action is natural in the given situation, so these charges are often tacked on to other charges in many surprising situations.

    What to Do After Being Charged with a Crime in Cumberland County, NJ

    If you were charged with a crime in Cumberland County, NJ, you should seek assistance from our local attorneys. Hiring our attorneys will be advantageous because our team is familiar with the local regulations applicable to criminal cases. Our team can efficiently and effectively build your case and present your defense.

    Furthermore, you should also call our attorneys if you were charged with a crime in Cumberland County as an out-of-state resident. Each state certifies its lawyers independently. If a lawyer does not have a license to practice in New Jersey, then they cannot represent criminal defendants in our state’s courts. Our lawyers are likely more familiar with local judges and court rules than out-of-state attorneys.

    Our experienced criminal defense lawyers are qualified to handle cases filed in both state and federal courts. If you were accused of a crime in Cumberland County, then you should call our law firm for help fighting your charges.

    Call Our Attorneys for Help Fighting Criminal Charges in Cumberland County, NJ

    If you were accused of a crime, seek support from our experienced criminal defense lawyers by calling the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956.

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