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Attorney for Rowan University Students Accused of a Hate Crime

Knowing that your kid is going through some legal problems at school can be extremely challenging and stressful. A criminal charge can put your son or daughter’s future in jeopardy. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this challenging moment on your own. Our New Jersey criminal defense lawyers are here to help students facing criminal charges.

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What is a Hate Crime?

A hate crime is a criminal offense that happens when a person attempts to act against the welfare of another person due to the victim’s identity. For instance, a hate crime can occur when a person intentionally and willfully harms a person because of their race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religious beliefs. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the concept of a hate crime can be defined as “offenses against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias.”

According to the FBI’s 2017 hate crime statistics, participating law enforcement agencies reported 7,175 hate crimes in the U.S. Additionally; there were 8,493 victims of hate crimes reported on the FBI’s 2017 hate crimes report. These types of crimes were motivated by different kinds of biases from offenders, such as race, religion, and sexual preference. According to various news outlets, in 2017 New Jersey experienced a 76% increase in hate crimes compared to 2016.

These types of crimes also happen in college. Every year, many students across the country are victims of hate crime. According to the National Centers for Education Statistics (NCES), in 2015 there were 860 hate crimes in several colleges around the U.S. Being charged with one of these crimes is a serious affair. If you are found guilty of committing a hate crime, your future and career may be at risk. Our skilled college criminal defense lawyers can help you if you were charged with a hate crime at Rowan University.

Different Types of Hate Crimes in College

According to the NCES, there are many types of crimes that can happen on a college campus. According to their date, in 2015 specific types of offenses were more prevalent than others. For instance, vandalism and destruction of property were the most significant crimes on campuses, accounting for 363 cases. Another type of hate crime reported on campus by the NCES was intimidation by one student against another, which accounted for 357 cases. Other common college hate crimes involved simple assault, larceny, and aggravated assault.

If you are charged with any of these offenses, you may face a difficult time ahead. Usually, colleges students who are accused of a crime are bound to go through a stressful, challenging process involving university staff and, in severe cases, law enforcement. This means your child may be the subject of a college administrative hearing or criminal prosecution if the authorities assume jurisdiction over your case.

Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated college criminal defense lawyers can guide you through the entire process.

Criminal Penalties for Hate Crimes in College

If you are charged with a college hate crime, you may face severe consequences. The extent of your penalties will depend on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. Additionally, if the criminal charges against you are based on a hate crime, your penalties may be enhanced. For instance, you may face a fourth-degree felony charge for what would otherwise be classified as a disorderly conduct misdemeanor. The same rule applies to felony charges. Keep in mind that a criminal conviction will stay in your record and will make it almost impossible to do things such as getting qualified for a loan or find a place to live.

As a student, being found guilty of a hate crime can put your college carrier in jeopardy. Depending on your case, you may be suspended or expelled from college, which can affect you in significant ways. Our New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can defend you against your charges and uphold your rights at all times.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping Students Accused of a Crime in Rowan University

If your son or daughter was charged with a hate crime at Rowan University, our New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can help. At the law offices of John J. Zarych, we understand how difficult it can be to face your accusers on your own. That is why we dedicate ourselves to providing nothing but high-quality legal representation to all of our clients. Do not face this trying time alone. Turn to the help of a professional, dedicated, and committed criminal defense lawyer today. To learn more about your case in a free, confidential consultation, call our law offices today at (609) 641-2266.

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