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About Us

Firm founder John J. Zarych has more than 30 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in New Jersey. A former trial lawyer for the federal government, Mr. Zarych has a proven track record of success in federal, superior and municipal courts throughout South Jersey.

Our law firm exclusively handles criminal defense cases. Our attorneys believe that knowledge of the law is the foundation of an aggressive defense. To that end we keep abreast of all new developments in criminal law. As members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New Jersey, the American Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association, we receive daily updates on changes in criminal law. Criminal defense is the focus of our practice. Our attorneys are not intimidated by complex criminal law issues such as motions to suppress evidence, Miranda hearings, challenging Breathalyzer and Alcotest evidence, challenging forced confessions, challenging blood evidence, assessing crime scenes and cross-examining expert witnesses about DNA and other forensic evidence at trial. Our lawyers regularly deal with issues regarding the selection of a jury, removing biased jurors for cause, drafting and selection of jury instructions, strategies for obtaining favorable juries, handling juror questions to the court in the course of trial, dealing with motions for a new trial, and judgment of acquittal and mistrial. Additionally, our attorneys have experience handling complex evidence issues during pre-trial and trial phases, such as Crawford v. Washington Sixth Amendment confrontation issues, hearsay and exceptions to the hearsay rule such as fresh complaints, prior consistent statements and prior inconsistent statements. These evidential issues commonly arise in criminal cases along with a host of sub-issues which usually cannot be handled effectively by a criminal lawyer unless that lawyer handles those issues on a regular basis.

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Our New Jersey law firm serves clients in places such as Mays Landing in Atlantic County, Cape May Courthouse in Cape May County, Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Pleasantville, Margate, Vineland, Camden, Mount Holly, Bridgeton, Toms River, Wildwood, Absecon, Longport, Ocean City and Somers Point. Contact our criminal defense lawyers about your case by calling (609) 616-4956.