In New Jersey, if a person is convicted of embezzling more than $75,000, the crime carries a second-degree status. This offense is not uncommon. Factors such as a drug or gambling addiction may play a role in a person’s decision to steal from an employer. Other people may embezzle from a company in order to support a loved one’s addiction or simply pay down debts. In any case, a person accused of theft has a right to defend against the allegation.

Recently, in Evasham, New Jersey, a mother and son were arrested and charged with theft from the mother’s employer. According to police, the 29-year-old son issued to himself more than 100 of the company’s checks, and the 59-year-old mother allegedly tried to cover up the thefts by altering the company’s accounting registry.

Police claim that the mother and son stole more than $480,000 over the course of 10 months. The police investigation reportedly lasted one month.

The mother and son are both accused of second-degree theft, and the son faces additional forgery charges.

At the time of a Jan. 17 report, the mother had posted bail and was released from police custody. However, the son remained in jail.

Being convicted of theft of more than $75,000 in New Jersey carries a possible state prison sentence of up to 10 years. People from all walks of life could find themselves facing such a charge. The circumstances that lead up to the allegations are rarely as simple as the picture painted by the prosecution. To have their side of the story told, individuals accused of theft of any amount would be wise to begin legal preparations sooner rather than later.

Source: 6 ABC Action News, “Mother, son arrested for embezzlement in New Jersey,” Jan. 17, 2014