New Jersey residents should be aware of the severity of state and federal laws with respect to drug offenses. Possession of even a very small quantity of a controlled substance may land a person in jail. A Morristown man was may be facing this situation after he was arrested recently on drug possession charges.

According to reports, the man was taken into custody when the police stopped the vehicle in which he was travelling. The man was a passenger in the vehicle along with the driver and two other persons. The car was stopped by the police because the driver drove through a blinking red light at an intersection.

Police claim that while they were questioning the people in the car, they saw some particles of marijuana on the suspect’s clothes. The police allege that the suspect tried to brush aside the particles when interrogated. When police searched the suspect they allegedly found a marijuana cigarette or “blunt” on him.

The suspect has been taken into custody and charged with the possession of CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance). The suspect was later released by the police and a case is pending against him in the municipal court. The two fellow passengers in the car and the driver were not arrested on any charges.

It is important for anyone arrested on drug charges to be aware of their rights. A person charged with a drug offense after a traffic stop may question the validity of the stop in the first place. The constitutionality of the search of a person or vehicle by the police may also be challenged before the court. A suspect also has the right to confront and cross-examine the witnesses called against him.

A drug conviction will lead to the creation of a criminal record in the suspect’s name. This may not only damage the reputation of the suspect but may also create employment and financial problems. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide guidance to the accused person and defend him or her in court.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Morristown man arrested on drug charges,” Dec. 19, 2012