A suspect was arrested by a retired Atlantic City police officer for allegedly possessing nine bags of heroin. The retired officer now lives in Egg Harbor City and was headed home after the Hammonton Blueberry Festival when he witnessed activity which he says appeared suspicious.

The retired officer had stopped to talk to a neighbor when he saw a man engage in behavior that led him to believe he might be involved in criminal drug activity.

Apparently he saw a car drive up and park near where he was standing talking to his neighbor. Then he saw another man approach the parked car and get inside, after just a few moments the other man exited the car and continued walking down the street.

When the man walked by where the retired officer was standing he said it appeared as if he was concealing something in his right hand. The retired officer became suspicious and asked the man if he could talk with him for a moment. The man stopped and didn’t resist.

The retired officer then asked the man what he had in his hand. The man then stuck his hand into his pocket. It was at that point that the retired officer pulled his gun on the man. As a retired officer he is allowed to carry a firearm. The man then allegedly pulled the nine bags of heroin from his pocket.

The retired officer, a ten year veteran of the narcotics division, called the police and detained the man until they arrived.

Source: Shore News Today “Munoz nails drug suspect on EHC street” Claire Lowe, July 7, 2011