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Atlantic City Cheating in Casinos Lawyer

The laws of New Jersey and the rules of Atlantic City casinos overlap regarding many things that are not allowed in casinos. Casino staff and security will report crimes like stealing inside a casino, but these staff members are also trained to enforce casino rules. In many cases, things the casino considers scams and cheating could be legitimate gaming strategies that the house simply does not like.

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What is Considered Illegal “Cheating” in NJ Casinos?

Betting scams and certain forms of “cheating” are often a legal grey area. In New Jersey, there are laws that make things like fraud, forgery, theft by deception, and outright theft illegal. Many types of cheating become crimes because they violate these statutes, with too much direct deceit coming into play.

In other situations, things that a casino considers “cheating” or scamming might just be clever strategies used to gain an advantage. Some of the most well-known strategies that inhabit this legal grey area are things like “card counting” and “edge sorting.” Card counting is when a player keeps track of what cards have already been played in order to help predict what cards remain in the deck and what cards the dealer or other players may have. Books and movies have popularized this technique to a point where many players may attempt to use this technique.

Recent news stories and big cases in the gambling community have also made “edge sorting” widely known. This is a technique where imperfections in the printing and patterning on card backs are used to determine which cards are in play. Courts have ruled this cheating, and casinos have refused to pay winnings, even to high-level gambling champs who were caught using this technique.

Casinos are private businesses on private property, and they are allowed to set their own rules for what is considered cheating in their casinos. However, they do not write the laws. Use of outside tools to peek at other peoples’ cards or gain an unfair advantage might be universally considered cheating, and techniques like card counting and edge sorting are also becoming widely recognized as cheating. However, whether these techniques are considered criminal is another question.

Defending Against Criminal Charges for Cheating and Scamming Casinos

Before a court can convict you of criminal charges, the government must prove that you committed a crime. This means proving that your conduct violated some criminal statute and that you committed each element of the offense. If you take your case to court, the judge or jury will hear the case and determine the facts after the prosecution and your defense attorney each present their case. If the prosecutor does not prove that you committed each element of the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt,” you should be acquitted of all charges.

Charging you with a crime after accusations of cheating or scamming a casino is an uphill battle for prosecutors. Not only does the prosecution need to prove how you cheated, but they must also prove that it violated the legal definitions of the crime. In many cases, crimes like theft by deception or fraud may not apply because the elements require statements or words used to deceive the person you took the money from. In many cases, your gambling may not include any of these kinds of statements, and the prosecution may be unable to make charges like these stick.

Even if they can prove your conduct violates the law, they must prove how you cheated. Prosecutors are allowed to collect evidence through search warrants and interrogation, but there are limits to what information they can get. If you were arrested or a search warrant was issued against you, do not answer any questions about the case without speaking to an attorney. The police may not be able to gather evidence from the events in question without probable cause to search your person or your effects, and you always have the right to have an attorney present during questioning.

Atlantic City Casino Cheating Lawyer Offering Free Consultations

Our attorneys can help you protect your rights and defend against serious criminal charges involving casino scams or accusations of cheating. For help with your case, contact our law offices today to schedule a free consultation. Never answer questions until you have an attorney present, and call our law offices today to schedule a free, confidential consultation on your case. The Law Offices of John J. Zarych’s Atlantic City casino cheating lawyers can be reached at (609) 616-4956.

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