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    Attorneys and legal professionals generally focus on a select few areas of law. While some of the broad strokes of legal philosophy permeate the entire legal field, there are many substantive and procedural differences between individual fields. Ask a civil plaintiff’s attorney what they know about family law and you’re likely to get a shrug of the shoulders as an answer. In cases where your client’s needs are outside your wheelhouse, you can refer them to other attorneys with the necessary legal skills and background.

    Our office deals primarily in criminal defense work in the area of Atlantic County NJ. If you have a client whose case involves aspects of criminal law that you feel unprepared to deal with, we may be able to take your client on as a referral. Get in contact with our criminal defense team at the Law Offices of John J. Zarych by calling (609) 616-4956. Ask about a legal consultation regarding your referral.

    When to Consider Referring a Case to Another Attorney in Atlantic County NJ

    You might want to consider referring a case to our criminal defense office when your client’s needs become entangled in the criminal justice system. It is not uncommon for legal disputes and other matters to be connected to a criminal offense of some kind. Sometimes the offense is relatively minor and uncomplicated. In that case, you might feel equipped to handle it on your own. Other times the criminal matter is more significant, and your client might be facing serious penalties like lengthy prison terms.

    You should consider referring your client to another attorney when their needs begin to outweigh your capacity or skills. As lawyers, we owe a solemn duty to our clients to always advocate for their best interests and provide the best representation possible. It is not in the client’s best interest to continue representation when you are not sure your skills are up to par. If you believe your representation of the client does not fulfill their best interest, consider a referral. Our office’s criminal defense attorney for Atlantic County referrals may be able to handle your case.

    Why Our Criminal Defense Team is the Right Choice for Your Client in Atlantic County NJ

    Our legal team is experienced in a wide variety of criminal matters. In New Jersey, criminal offenses are not classified as felonies or misdemeanors as they are in most other states. Instead, more serious offenses are referred to simply as “crimes” while other less serious offenses are known as “disorderly person offenses.” Our office will handle any offense, big or small.

    The cases we handle cover a vast array of criminal offenses that touch on various aspects of the law. Our office handles domestic violence or abuse cases that often involve family law issues. We also deal with violent crimes such as homicide, assault, and sex offenses. Additionally, we work with white-collar crimes like embezzlement and various kinds of fraud. Our office’s criminal defense attorney for Atlantic County referrals has experience in many facets of criminal law. We are well suited to accept referrals for almost any criminal matter.

    Referring Cases to a Criminal Defense Lawyer in NJ from other Areas of Practice

    Criminal law has a habit of popping up in other areas of law. A significant part of the legal profession is settling disputes between different parties. These disputes are commonly a blend of several different legal problems that touch on various legal fields.

    For example, you may have been hired to assist a client with their divorce and the resulting custody battle. However, it may become apparent that your client cannot get custody of their child because they have been accused of abuse by their soon-to-be ex-spouse.  Now you are not only dealing with divorce and custody arrangements, but you are also dealing with criminal allegations against your client. You may be able to help them with their divorce, but criminal charges related to domestic violence might be too far outside your area of practice.

    Criminal law also comes up frequently in many civil torts. Plaintiffs often sue for damages to cover the costs of injures. Injuries are usually sustained from criminal acts of violence. Wrongful death lawsuits are frequently tied to criminal offenses like vehicular homicide. If your client’s civil case has criminal implications, you might want to consider a referral to our office’s criminal defense lawyer for Atlantic County referrals.

    White-collar crimes and crimes of fraud are very much at home in a corporate setting. People charged with handling corporate finances may be accused of embezzlement or some kind of financial fraud. As a corporate attorney, your duty is to your corporate client. But what happens when the CEO is accused of stealing from the business? You can refer any white-collar criminal matter to our office.

    Referral Fee Agreements in Atlantic County NJ

    With any referral, the issue of client fees must be discussed. Sharing or splitting fees is not prohibited in the State of New Jersey, but specific rules must be followed. Exactly how the attorneys are to split client fees must be discussed before our office accepts a referral. Once an agreement is hammered out, the client must consent as well. Additionally, the way fees are charged to the client will vary depending on the case. For example, family law issues are typically barred from using contingency fees. If your client has a family law matter connected to their criminal matter, we must handle the fees accordingly. Contact our firm’s criminal defense lawyer for Atlantic County referrals for a consultation on your client’s case as well as fee sharing.

    Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Atlantic County NJ for a Referral Consultation

    No attorney is an expert in every area of law. When a client’s needs are beyond your capabilities, the best thing to do is refer the client to another lawyer with the skills needed to help the client. Reach out to our criminal defense attorney for Atlantic County referrals for any criminal matters you might encounter. Call the Law Offices of John J. Zarych at (609) 616-4956 to discuss your referral.

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