Many Atlantic City residents know singer Bobby Brown for a number of things. He was married to the recently deceased Whitney Houston and he is a band member in “New Edition.” However, recently he obtained a third DUI conviction. The 44-year-old was sentenced to 55 days in jail after he pleaded no contest to DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Upon conviction, Brown was also court ordered to pay two fines plus complete an 18-month alcohol program. In addition, he was placed on probation and must install an ignition interlock device on his car. Many Atlantic City residents facing similar charges can relate to the singer. DWI charges occur daily all over the U.S. They can happen to anyone.

If New Jersey residents are accused of a DUI in Atlantic City, there are several things that can be done to minimize penalties or even achieve a dismissed charge. For instance, if an individual charged with a DWI believes that he or she was pull over for no apparent reason, that individual may be eligible to challenge whether the stop was legal. The police must have probable cause to pull someone over. If there is no probable cause, the DWI charges could potentially lead to a dismissal.

After a conviction, many people may face license suspension or revocation and other penalties. Therefore, if a person is accused of a DWI, even if there are multiple offenses, it is highly encouraged that he or she inquire about legal help from an attorney. A DWI can negatively alter the lives of many Atlantic City residents if not properly defended in court.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Bobby Brown Sentenced To 55 Days In Jail For DUI,” Feb. 26, 2013